At Dundas Valley Co-operative Preschool we provide a nurturing environment that encourages meaningful interaction and play-based learning for children 2 to 5 years old. Under the caring attention of our ECE accredited teacher, our program encourages physical, social, emotional and language development.

Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the preschool operates in accordance with the Child Care and Early Years Act. As part of the City of Hamilton’s Early Years System our families have access to a wealth of local expertise, including resources for special needs children.

Our preschool is staffed by qualified, experienced Early Childhood Educators with the help of parent volunteers and oversight by a parent executive committee. Our Supervisor/Lead ECE is caring and dedicated and brings over 20 years experience. By participating in on-going professional development activities and workshops means our school stays current with educational trends so that we stay current with the changing needs of modern children and families.

Co-op Experience:

As a co-operative, parents or a family designate are involved in some aspect of the preschool’s operation. This ranges from playdough making, social and special events, or assisting the teacher during a class on a rotating and flexible schedule (i.e. Duty days). These activities support the operation of the preschool, allowing for hands-on involvement in your child’s first adventure in learning and out-of-home development.